Licensure Georgia State Board of Accountancy

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Licensure Georgia State Board of Accountancy

How To Contact Your State Board of Accountancy for the CPA Exam

Common forms accepted include a Social Security number, driver’s license, or passport number. In order to qualify to sit for the Uniform CPA Examination, candidates must meet the following requirements at the time of application. A candidate will be authorized for each section they have indicated on the application form. If a candidate is unable to take all sections authorized on the NTS in the designated time, they will forfeit the fees paid to the Board and to NASBA for How To Contact Your State Board of Accountancy for the CPA Exam the section and must re-apply with the Board office. Board of Accountancy The mission of the Board of Accountancy is to protect Oregon consumers by ensuring only qualified licensees practice public accountancy in accordance with established professional standards and promulgated rules. RenewalsAll licensee’s and firms under the Board, regardless of status, are required to renewal annually by December 31st. Renewals not completed by December 31st are subject to late fees.

What are the eligibility requirements to take the CPA exam?

« In order to sit for the exam, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1) Be a U.S. citizen

2) Have a Social Security number

3) Be at least 18 years old

4) Complete 120 credit hours of coursework

5) Have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution »

If you fail any section of the exam, it is your responsibility to schedule the unpassed sections of the examination so you do not lose credit for previously passed sections. You must pass all four sections within an 18 month period. Once the NTS has been received, candidates are eligible to contact Prometric to schedule their examination.

CPA Exam Information

The Board promulgates, amends and enforces requirements for continuing education and standards of professional conduct applicable to public accountants and certified public accountants. Individuals seeking accounting licensure in the District of Columbia must first submit credentialing information and schedule examinations directly with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy . Applicants who submitted prior applications directly with the Board of Accountancy, credentialing information must be submitted to and examinations scheduled with NASBA, also. The application will be reviewed and processed upon passing all examinations and satisfying eligibility requirements for licensure in the District. Final licensing procedures are provided to applicants shortly thereafter. The Missouri State Board of Accountancy is a unit of the Division of Professional Registration of the Department of Commerce and Insurance .

  • Credits earned at third-party non-educational facilities/businesses are not acceptable.
  • A course may not be audited, but must appear as semester or quarter hour credit on an official transcript.
  • You will need to indicate which state board this information should be sent to.
  • Search for any California CPA or accounting firm to find their license status and any disciplinary action taken against them.
  • If you do not report it with the first renewal you will not be able to use it for the next renewal.

Oregon candidates will pay two separate fees for the examination. When your NTS is received, be sure to verify that all information is correct and that the name EXACTLY matches the name on the identification documents that will be used during check-in at the testing center. If the payment coupon from NASBA is not received within one week after receiving your ATT, contact NASBA at MY-NASBA or make their payment on the NASBA website, NASBA Payment Coupon. Once exam fees are received by NASBA, the candidate will be issued an NTS.

Application and Status

This application covers the educational requirements for both the exam and the licensure portion of the education required. Once you pass the exam you will have separate requirements to apply for licensure. Many states/jurisdictions also accept non-public accounting experience (e.g., industry, government), although the number of years deemed acceptable are typically higher than for public accounting. In addition, some states/jurisdictions have a one-tier system, whereby candidates must pass theCPA exam and fulfill the experience requirements to obtain both the certificate and license. NASBA assists state boards with licensing services including eligibility determination, education evaluation, application processing and customer service to candidates throughout the licensing process.

  • CBA Regulations section 10 requires all applicants to complete and pass a CBA-accepted ethics examination within two years of submitting an application.
  • If applying for a personal license, go and create or log in to your Access Indiana, single sign-on account.
  • Contact the state in which you are licensed and request that they forward your licensure verification directly to us.

Currently theNevada Society of CPAsadministers the peer review program for Montana firms. New licensees must meet the basic CPE requirement by December 31 of the third year following their initial year of licensing.

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